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Fringeland City Map - Brunne by WeeRLegion Fringeland City Map - Brunne by WeeRLegion

Mini description:
Brunne is a town of some 1800 to 2800 people, depending on the time and season of the counting. It is built on some of the northernmost ruins of the Laterran empire, which by now have almost entirely vanished under new construction, save for the ruins of a thick old wall that extends from the castle and follows along the edge of the training grounds.

The town has a 5 meter high wall of stone and timber all the way around it, but it's not really built for siege, only intended to keep the citizens safe from the occasional threat of shambling undead, bandit raiders, and mutant animals. The lake shore is less protected, but it only holds storehouses and the tanner's shop, the rest of the city is still guarded by the 3m lakeside timber wall.

The military governor and current all around chief of the town, Colonel Norris Dacre Arterbury of the Imperial 9th army has authorized a provision of room and board to anyone armed and willful to work in the mercenary trade, the goal being to attract merchants and to make Brunne a center of the Ruinland artifact collection expeditions and the trade of such items.

EDIT: Change the scale and downsized the population. I realized I'd drawn the houses pretty massive for the 800 meter West-East wall to wall measure. Also, while there are lots of soldiers in the city, housed in barrackses, guard towers, and the castle, maybe a population 3000 was a bit much for the top count.
EternoAprendiz Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
Looks interesting
WeeRLegion Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I do try to make it look like something. ^^
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